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Alopecia barbae seriously harms masculinity

It has been estimated that alopecia barbae affects 2% of male population between the age of 30 and 40 years.

Alopecia barbae is a very characteristic and specific form of alopecia (hair loss), affecting only the beard area. This is a problem that affects men only, since the low testosterone levels of women prevent hair growth on the face in general, especially in the barbae region.

The manifestation of alopecia barbae includes the presence of bald patches in beards, which can appear in between the beard, as well in the area around the mouth and on the cheeks, chin and neck. The patches are usually circular and vary in number, size and proximity among them. Usually alopecia barbae is a congenital problem that manifests in adolescence, as male facial hair grow with age. However, it may also occur at a later stage due to diffuse alopecia or another form of alopecia or due to intense emotional stress. It has been estimated that it affects 2% of male population between the age of 30 and 40 years.

Patchy hair growth of the beard affects the confidence, self-esteem and sexual image of men, since hair growth in this area is a symbol of masculinity and sexual maturation. This is the reason why many men have to shave every day so that to cover up the problem.

It can be treated permanently through Advanced Micro-FUE

Alopecia barbae can be treated effectively and permanently, which is great news for all those people who want to stop shaving on a daily basis. The modern method of hair transplantation, Advanced Micro-FUE, is the most advanced technique to treat areas with hair loss on the face. This method is minimally invasive and it is based on the extraction of individual follicular units from a zone of stable hair growth of the scalp (usually the occipital region), which are then transplanted to the hairless areas of the beard.

This procedure is painless, no stitches are necessary, and it is completed without leaving scars or marks, as opposed to the older methods, such as the invasive Strip method. The result is completely natural as the selected follicular units produce hair of the same quality, texture and thickness as the existing ones of the beard area, and it lasts forever.

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