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Eyebrows restoration with fue for a natural result

While some people’s appearance is great without hair, this is not the case for those people with extensive hair thinning of the eyebrows.

The truth is that we all express ourselves through our eyes, the mirror of our soul as we say, but our feelings are not expressed only through our eyes. We also express our feelings – maybe even more – through our eyebrows. Eyebrows help in framing the face and give expression when we feel excited, cross, surprised, sympathetic, interested or bored.

It has been observed that while some people look great without hair, this is not true for people with extensive hair thinning of the eyebrows or no eyebrows at all. This happens as people with extensive hair thinning on the scalp, despite the fact that they usually lack the hairline at the front, they have their eyebrows framing their face. This demonstrates the importance of the eyebrows in expressing our feelings and emotions.

Nevertheless, hair thinning of the eyebrows is a usual phenomenon, either due to a disease (e.g. lupus erythematosus or hypothyroidism), or due to very extensive and frequent epilation (using tweezers), a trauma or a burn. And despite the fact that when the eyebrows are full, shapely and well formed are never noticed, when they are really thin or absent they can draw too much unwanted attention.

The result of the makeup can many times look unnatural

To mimic missing eyebrows many people choose permanent or semi-permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing). The purpose of permanent and semi-permanent makeup is to improve the eyebrows’ contour, shape and density. However, this type of tattoo offers an unnatural result in many cases, since only the two dimensions of the eyebrows are restored. In addition to this, permanent or semi-permanent makeup will fade with time, change colours and may cause contact dermatitis due to the different types of chemical dyes that are used.

When permanent or semi-permanent makeup is not desired or nice anymore, then it can be removed using Q-Switched Laser, after a test is performed to find out how the dyes respond to Laser’s wavelengths.

Permanent cosmetic result through FUE transplantation

Hair transplantation of individual hair follicles (FUE) is a unique treatment for the eyebrows’ restoration with excellent and permanent result. In particular, according to the FUE method, hair follicles are individually collected from a stable hair zone (such as the back of the head) and they are implanted one by one at the area of the eyebrows in order to restore their thickness.

For the successful restoration of the eyebrows a determinant factor is to decide on the right direction, angle and hair thickness, as well as the symmetry of the left and the right eyebrow. Eyebrow restoration through transplantation is an artistic procedure, in which each eyebrow is individually designed based on your face’s shape and the rest of your facial characteristics, as well as based on each individual’s personal preferences. The factors to be considered include the arch shape and its angle, the appropriate thickness of hair, as well as the space between the eyebrows. Proper design and execution of the procedure is what makes the difference, resulting in an excellent look with naturally looking eyebrows, not just two strips of hair. For more information about the Advanced Micro-FUE method, click here.