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FUE Hair Transplant- How long will it take to see results?

Hair transplant is the only method that can definitely restore density in thinning areas. FUE’s result is perfect. Completely natural and most of all permanent.

As it’s anticipated, people who are determined to proceed with a hair transplant to regain their hair density all they want to know is this: “when will I see results”?

Result takes time

Although hair transplant result is permanent, it takes time to show. Most specifically, you have to be patient as it takes approximately 12 months to see the final result as the scalp goes through several stages after the hair transplant. However, first things first.

The day after

The day after the hair transplant, you will be able to see the hair follicles that were implanted in the thinning areas. From a distance they look like red dots. You shouldn’t worry about this redness though as it is temporary and will disappear within the next 7-10days.

The important thing you should know is that the harvesting procedure of the follicular units from the donor area and their implantation to the thinning areas result in a phase where the hair is resting, a dormant phase. This means that during the first weeks after the hair transplant, people will experience shedding loss, as the hair of the transplanted follicular unit fall out, resulting in a “poor” first result. This is a phenomenon already explained to people who intend to proceed with a hair transplant to eliminate any possibility of disappointment when they reach that stage.

There is no reason to worry as this is a natural and expected phenomenon due to the momentarily cease of keratin production, known as “shock”, which solely affects the hair of the follicles and not the hair follicles themselves. Hair follicles remain well implanted and ready to produce new hair soon. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that at ‘IQ Hair” clinic we apply treatments like PRP (Platelet-rich-Plasma) that minimizes the shock loss as well as strengthen all the follicular units in the area, existing and transplanted ones.

Three months after the Hair Transplant

Following the new hair’s resting-dormant phase, which approximately lasts about 3 months, comes the longed-for regeneration-anagen stage. This is the point in time where the hair transplant result will gradually show. You should keep in mind that hair grows about 1.3cm per month. Faster during the summer than winter. The first hair may come out thin, scattered and feeble, but gradually they will strengthen, regain volume, thicken and become denser.

6 months after the hair transplant

Most new hair come out about 6 months after the hair transplant procedure and around 8-10 months after the procedure they reach their maximum volume as hair follicles mature.  The result is gradually improving, day after day for a total of 12 months.

12 months after the hair transplant

12 months after the day of the hair transplant the result is considered as final. However, given the fact that every organism is different, and the hair growth rate varies from person to person, the above-mentioned time line should be considered as average. One thing is certain: this a result worth waiting for!