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Electro-trichogenesis using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Treatment using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a state-of-the-art treatment method that can work synergistically with the treatment regimen for hair loss.

This is a simple, painless and completely safe treatment, during which all scalp is exposed to the beneficial light of three different wavelengths of light, which have extremely high effect on hair growth. Actually, the clean, visible, revitalising light is used, the spectrum of light that is neither ultraviolet radiation (with known side effects) nor infrared (i.e. light that produces heat). We use the spectrum of light that rejuvenates and this is due to the existence of life on the planet

Laser energy is absorbed by the scalp and acts on the damaged hair roots. It promotes vasodilatation, it increases the microcirculation, it provides better supply of blood and oxygen and as a result, it benefits the absorption of nutrients by hair follicles. During treatment, the patient feels no pain, since the Laser beam is cold. The reason why this type of Laser is often called “soft” (mild) is that Low Level Laser Therapy is used.

This treatment can increase the hair’s lifecycle, extending the anagen phase, while it also activates hair follicles and cellular metabolism, it reinforces enzymes’ action and protein synthesis, it regulates the function of sebaceous glands and it stimulates tissue reconstruction and regeneration. It is recommended for all people with hair loss at the early or later stages of the condition, as well as for people who have undergone hair transplantation, so that to increase the growth rate and the strengthening of hair. Within a few week hair loss becomes stable, while health, diameter, elasticity and strength of hair are enhanced, leading to stronger hair, more thick and with greater volume, without being thin, weak and unruly.

It is characteristic that Low Level Laser Therapy stabilises hair loss in 90% of patients and it stimulates hair growth in 50% of them. Straight after treatment, which usually lasts approximately 30 minutes, patients can return straight away to their everyday activity. So it can be characterised as a Lunch Time Treatment.

It is also important to mention that the results of the treatment are monitored through trichoscopy, which is performed before, during and after treatment, as this is the most objective monitoring tool for the results. A hand-held polarized light dermatoscope with polarised light is used to record the number of hair follicles per square centimetre of scalp. It offers absolutely objective results, with the use of a modern, validated software to study the number, quality and thickness of hair. Similarly, re-assessment and confirmation of the progress seen with treatment are performed.


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