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Is hair transplant painful?

 “Does it hurt?” This is one of the most common questions people interested in undergoing a hair transplant ask an expert surgeon.

An honest answer includes the following:

  • Depends on the hair transplant technique used
  • The medical team’s level of expertise
  • Awareness that there are different pain tolerance levels
  • Information that the patient received on what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant is a pain free procedure

At IQ – Intensive Quality Hair Clinic there is no room for the old saying “no pain, no gain’. At our clinics FUE Hair Transplant, the hair transplant method performed, guarantees that you will get the hair you were always dreaming of, through a procedure, that many of the people who went for it at our clinic, described it as a much more pleasant experience than they initially expected!

Trichoscopy Controlled FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction-Technique) Hair Transplant – an advantageous only method – is the latest hair transplant method and comes with a “Guarantee on your implanted hair”:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Painless
  • Without scarring
  • Natural results
  • Minimum recovery time
  • Immediate return to daily activities
  • Number of regrown hair guarantee (Guarantee on your implanted hair)

Before, during and after FUE Hair transplant: procedure in detail

FUE Hair Transplant involves the harvesting of individual follicular units from the donor area, the area where hair follicles naturally grow, and relocating these into the recipient area (thinning area).

Local anesthetic is applied in the area to be treated before the procedure begins to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. At this point the only discomfort a person may feel is the needle’s pinch when the anesthetic is injected.

But even this “pinch” can be minimised through the application of extra local anesthetic cream or spray, especially to those who are particularly sensitive in pain or nervous in the image of a needle. After the application of local anesthesia is completed, the rest of the procedure is painless. Its duration depends on the number of the hair follicles that will be transferred from the donor area to the recipient area. In general, the procedure may last from 3 to 8 hours.

 Is there any pain after FUE?

The goal of our expert medical team is for all our patients to feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the procedure.

As soon as the procedure is over, every patient gets a personilised aftercare schedule, which is very simple and involves the prescription of a painkiller and antibiotic for the next few days to ensure that there will be no infection or swelling in the scalp.

Recovery time is relatively painless. This is so because pain or discomfort tolerance level varies from one person to another. While someone may feel discomfort only during the first couple of days after the hair transplant, somebody else may experience discomfort in the scalp for a couple of weeks. In addition, recovery time also varies. The bigger the number of the transferred hair follicles is the more probable is a prolonged/longer recovery time, thus discomfort.

Home rest and absence from work for the next few days after the procedure are included in the instructions we provide to all. However, there are cases where people return to their daily activities without any further discomfort. After a few months the new hair in the recipient area start to gradually grow.

Medical monitoring after FUE Hair Transplant

Among the numerous advantages of FUE Hair Transplant offered at IQ – Intensive Quality Hair Clinic is the complimentary and long-term medical support and monitoring of the health of the hair after the treatment, using the digital health book IQ/e-Hair.Health.

Forget everything you have heard so far about traumatic hair transplant experiences and trust IQ-Intensive Quality Hair Clinic. We can give you the result you always dreamt of.