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PRP Method: Enhances hair transplantation outcome

A modern and absolutely safe treatment, with proven value in all stages of hair transplantation

A basic condition for a successful hair transplantation is to transfer a large number of hair follicles in the areas showing hair thinning and their thickness when they grow. This is greatly improved though a modern and absolutely natural treatment, the combination use of which enhances the final outcome of hair transplantation.

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP – autologous mesotherapy treatment is based on the utilisation of blood’s growth factors. It is well known that blood plasma has a high concentration of platelets and growth factors, which have a regenerative and reformative effect on the tissues. To isolate plasma, firstly blood is collected and then it is centrifuged.

The isolated plasma has been proven valuable at all stages of hair transplantation:

  • Before hair transplantation

With PRP method existing hair are strengthened and protected, while hair loss is restricted. Furthermore, rich plasma infusions in areas showing hair thinning prepares tissues to “welcome” new follicles, offering new dynamic growing.

  • During hair transplantation

Once hair follicles are extracted from the recipient area and until they are implanted in the donor area it is of utmost importance to keep them protected so that not to eliminate their viability. During this time, the impregnation of the hair follicles in a rich plasma solution contributes in enhancing their viability, as well as their growth after being translplanted.

  • After hair transplantation

With topical application of platelet-rich plasma on the recipient and the donor area faster hair restoration is achieved, thanks to its healing and regenerative properties.

In a few words, the additional effect of PRP treatment improves the aesthetic effect of hair transplantation. Growth factors enhance hair thickness, as they accelerate new hair growth rates while strengthening at the same time the existing hair, ensuring greater diameter and length.

It is also worth noting that PRP is an absolutely safe treatment method, which is being used for many years now in a large number of medical applications, such as orthopaedics, neurosurgery and cosmetic medicine. There are no side effects, as the patient’s blood is utilised and therefore there are no chances of rejection, infection or allergic reaction. Furthermore, there is no swelling or bruising and it is possible to return straight away to daily activities.

More information on PRP

  • According to research studies, hair follicles impregnated in a rich plasma solution while being outside the organism and before being transplanted on the areas showing hair thinning, have better chances to survive, with their loss rate below 1%.
  • Platelet-rich plasma contains seven growth factors, as well as antibacterial peptides, catecholamines, serotonin and three major proteins that promote tissues’ regeneration and healing processes.
  • Apart from stimulating tissue regeneration, PRP normalises sebaceous glands’ functioning of hair follicles.
  • Moreover, platelet-rich plasma has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.


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