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Below you can read the titles of some of the articles published in Greek, together with links to the Greek articles:

  • Female-pattern hair loss
    ELLE, 12/2013
  • 10 questions regarding… the end of hair loss
    Ε Iatrika, 2004
  • New Hair Transplantation Department at Athens Medical Center
    Magazine “ΒΗMAgazino”, 2004
  • Hair forever? Is this possible? Yes, of course!
    Newspaper “Adesmeutos Typos”, 2004
  • What hair transplantation experts say
    Popular Medicine, 2005
  • The solution… on the top of your head
    SALVE, 2005
  • Hair transplantation: Science is here
    Express Healthy Way, 2005
  • Hair transplantation: New method C.C.H.T.
    Real, 2005
  • You can finally have your hair back with the aid of medicine
  • Hair transplantation: C.C.H.T. is the most modern technique
    Medical World, 2005
  • Hair… re-grow
    Ε Iatrika, 2005