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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is the new alternative solution for hair loss.  It uses disposable microneedles in order to create thousands of tiny pigmented hair-dots between and around natural hair.

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The objective of this method is to replicate natural hair follicles in size, shape and colour with the existing ones, enhancing hair density. What is actually achieved is an optical illusion of dense short-cut hair.

Scalp  MicroPigmentation Applications

Hair Loss

The technique of micropigmentation is a specialised procedure, which involves the application of tiny quantities of a special hypoallergenic and organic ink that is similar in colour to the existing hair,at the areas that are thinning, thus enhancing the appearance of thick hair. In the case of androgenetic alopecia, our objective is to create a realistic illusion of denser hair, which will enhance patient’s confidence.


Combination of Hair Transplantation and Scalp MicroPigmentation

Scalp MicroPigmentation method is indicated for people who don’t have a satisfactory donor area. At the same time, it is extremely effective when the number of hair follicles is insufficient, making hair thickening process difficult.

In this case, the appropriate solution is the combination of Hair Transplantation and Scalp MicroPigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation method acts in a reinforcing manner, as exact replicas of coloured micro-dots are created between the existing hair, giving a sense of hair density on the scalp.

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Scar camouflage from the Old Strip Method

Scalp Micropigmentation method is an excellent solution for the management of scars from the old Strip Method as scars are proportionatelly hidden between the natural hair & tiny hair ink replicas achieving in the end an impressive improvement of scars appearance.

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Scalp Micropigmentation: Points of Excellence

It is an innovative non-invasive method to simulate natural hair which achieves a natural and realistic result, without medication, side-effects and downtime.

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Why choose us?

In our clinics we have experienced Scalp MicroPigmentation technicians. Experience is a determining factor for the exact depiction – simulation of hair. We focus on the details and on quality, and we use special hypoallergenic and organic inks, disposable microneedles, as well as the appropriate equipment  so that to ensure long-lasting results.

Scalp MicroPigmentation at a Glance

Hair Loss: Creation of a more dense hair appearance

Alopecia: Creation of  a thicker and denser appearence in hair loss or even bald areas.

Combination of Hair Transplantation & Scalp MicroPigmentation: Enhances density in areas where hair transplantation is not possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No. During the first stages of the session you will feel a mild and tolerable discomfort, which gradually becomes less noticeable as the session progresses.

Is local anaesthesia required?


Are there any side effects?

No side effects at all.


What should I do before the application?

On the day of the application, it is necessary to have a clean scalp. You should shampoo your hair, because after the application you should avoid washing your hair for 2-3 days.

What should I do after the application?

We advice you to wash your hair with antiseptic shampoo on the day of the application only. You should avoid sun exposure. In addition, you should avoid exercise during the following 2-3 days.

When will I see the result?

The results are evident even from the first session, and they are improved during the following sessions, as we gradually create the appearance you want and can be achieved according to your scalp type. Our objective is to create an absolutely realistic result, through the design and creation of natural lines that frame your face without altering its features.

What should I do after the treatment to maintain the result?

To maintain the natural looking result on your scalp after the application of Scalp Micropgimentation you should keep your hair cut short at the right length. The length you should cut your hair depends entirely on the extent of hair loss.

Scalp health is of equal importance. You should keep your scalp healthy and hydrated, avoid the use of alcohol products, and take the necessary precautions when exposed to the sun.

When can I shampoo my hair?

It is advisable to avoid shampooing your hair for 2-3 days after the application. In our specialised medical clinics, we also advise to ONLY use an antiseptic shampoo to wash your hair on the day of the application.

How long will the results last?


Maximum and long term results depend both on taking care of your scalp and following the instructions, as well as on the skin type of your scalp. You should have in mind that each skin type assimilates differently the special ink applied on the scalp. The mean duration of the results is 2-3 years.


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